Yiyun · Bishan Hotel

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Hotel – Midscale & Lifestyle
  • Company/Firm studio
  • Lead Designer
    Yan Yang
  • Other Designer(s)
    Wu Kejia, Zhao Siyuan, Yan Yu, Huo Zhenzhong (structure design)
  • Architect
    Wu Kejia
  • Interior Designer
    Wu Kejia, Zhao Siyuan
  • Hospitality
    Huangshan Yiyang Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
  • Construction Company
    Huangshan Zhaohua Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
  • Photo Credit
  • Location
    Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China
  • Project Date
  • Developer
    Huangshan Yiyang Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
  • Project Link

The design strategy remained mostly unchanged. On the premise of satisfying functionality, we preserved the century-old tree and the ancient well, incorporating courtyards and patios into each building block, and embedding courtyards in the spaces between blocks. This approach not only offered a rich visual experience in the interior but also facilitated a seamless transition between the inside and outside of the buildings and a harmonious connection with nature.
Regarding the circulation design, we incorporated turns and transitions, trying to offer varying scenes with each step by considering the rhythm of space, the flow of people, and the visiting experiences. As guests walk through the space, whether moving forward, pausing, upstairs or downstairs, they can encounter diverse sentiments and experiences, allowing guests to perceive the diversity and richness of the space.
Taking into consideration its versatility and compatibility, gray bricks were used as the main building material to blend with the surrounding traditional buildings. We utilized elements such as glass brick walls, skylights, and variously shaped grilles to introduce light to create diverse spatial atmospheres.