The Reef House

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Residence
  • Company/Firm
    Architecture Building Culture
  • Lead Designer
    Mark Ritchie
  • Other Designer(s)
    Samuel Orr, Marisa Daluro, Oliver Ganske
  • Architect
    Mark Ritchie, AIBC MRAIC ANZIA
  • Interior Designer
    Lindsay Gerber Interiors / Architecture Building Culture
  • Hospitality
    Vomo Island Resort
  • Photo Credit
    Sean Fennessy
  • Location
    Vomo Island, Fiji Islands
  • Project Date

Located on the northern shore of Vomo Island, Fiji Islands, the Reef House is set amid a lush native landscape and is integral to Vomo Island Resort.

Five bedroom suites flank the main pavilion or ‘long house’. At its center is the event space, the entry and heart of the house where a wooden slatted curtain is parted to reveal the patio, pool, gardens, beachfront and ocean beyond. Three lofted wooden ceilings, softly illuminated at night, demarcate the living room, event space and dining room. Retractable glass doors open up to extend these spaces outward and capture cooling sea breezes. The bedroom suites offer a private oasis for guests, with their stone-clad courtyards and water gardens that add depth and light to the interior spaces as well as mediate the ever-changing climatic conditions.

From quiet and secluded places to flexible social areas, the house and its gardens provide a diverse range of spaces for guests to inhabit, ensuring both respite and connectivity. The Reef House, by prioritising a connection to nature and a respect for the regional characteristics of the location, offers guests an unforgettable retreat in a place of distinctive elegance and tranquility.

Architecture Building Culture (ABC) is a small firm with big ideals. We see architecture as an instrument for improving the world. We believe that buildings and landscapes should uplift the lives of those who live and work in them, while positively contributing to the neighbourhood and wider community.

ABC was founded in 2010 by Mark Ritchie (NZ) and Brian Cavanaugh (USA). The team at ABC utilises their international background by blending imported ideas and principles with the Pacific Northwest architectural traditions and environment.