Wanda Moments Danzhai

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hotel – Boutique
  • Company/Firm
    Wanda Hotel Design Institute
  • Lead Designer
    Liang Lv
  • Construction Company
    Wanda Hotel Design Institute
  • Location
    Danzhai, Guizhou, China
  • Project Date
    July 3rd 2017
  • Developer
    Wanda Hotels & Resorts

The Hotel is situated in the ancient Miao village of Danzhai in Guizhou Province. It is located at the foot of the mountains and overlooks a large body of water. The different structures that make up the hotel are spread out in different levels according to the mountain's topography. The ground floor has the overall layout of a Chinese courtyard and is composed of a lobby, a restaurant, a conference room, a gym and three courtyard suites. The first and second underground floors progress down the mountain toward the surface of the lake and are entirely composed of guest rooms. These rooms are ideally situated and offer expansive views of the idyllic mountainside scenery. The entire hotel blends the architectural style of traditional Miao dwellings with the beauty of the surrounding natural landscapes. Through the liberal application of quintessential Miao imagery and color schemes, the hotel vividly represents the ancient culture of one of China's ethnic minorities at the same as creating a leisurely, relaxing environment.

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