Celebrity Edge - Eden

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Cruise ship & Yacht
  • Lead Designer
    Scott Butler and Patricia Urquiola
  • Architect
    Wilson Butler Architects
  • Interior Designer
    Studio Urquiola
  • Construction Company
    Agencement Paul Champs
  • Project Date

This mind-blowing venue is the epitome of Celebrity Edge’s outward-facing concept and awakens the passengers’ senses. Eden is about “the journey”. Made up of three transforming concepts: Chillful, Playful, and Sinful. It evolves throughout the day with different activities that change with time, light, and mood.
Eden is a place of tranquility and relaxation, reconnecting guests to natural surroundings. The space is connected to the outdoors through the use of natural materials such as wood and marble. Biophilic palettes and patterns inspire the bespoke, organic carpet and wooden columns.
Inspired by the golden ration, seen in nature through the bloom of a rose or the curl of a snail’s shell, it is brought to life through the thoughtfully crafted design of the venue. Eden has a 90-meter ramp enveloping the space, enabling guests to meander on a serpentine journey of discovery. The natural cyclical concept of time also influenced the design with the intention to create a dynamic environment that changes from morning to night, allowing guests to experience something new every time they visit. Eden’s layered design, both spatially and texturally, create a shared sensation of serenity.

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