Follower Restaurant & Bar

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Brand New
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Artem Zverev
  • Other Designer(s)
    Artur Sharf
  • Architect
    Artem Zverev, Alesya Ryamova
  • Interior Designer
    Julia Klyahina
  • Location
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Project Date
    September 2020
  • Project Link

YODEZEEN transforms the Soviet building into an Instsgrammable restaurant

The Follower restaurant, the newest Kyiv hospitality openings, is imagined as an eclectic, eccentric, and modern place for millennials who are keen on social media but at the same time never forget the benefits of social life.

As designers, YODEZEEN was faced with two essentials tasks: maximum preservation of the historical past of the building, but at the same time, the creation of a restaurant space where the offline and online presence of visitors is strongly intertwined, a space that leaves no opportunity not to post it on social media.

Ā«In the current Internet era business owners are increasingly recognizing the impact of social media on their business. So, the design-for-Insta strategy is becoming essential in such commercial project as Follower, where we were trying to meet the needs of local businesses and to create the space that perfectly suits generation Y. End goal obviously was being in creating a more enticing environment for consumersĀ», - says Lead Architect Artem Zverev.

YODEZEEN is a multi-award-winning architectural and design studio operating in the field of interior design and architecture. Artur Sharf and Artem Zverev established the studio in 2010 in their desire to create a knowledge-based approach in design and architecture. With 70 employees, offices in Kyiv, Moscow, Miami, and Los Angeles, YODEZEEN has become the rising contemporary star in design and architecture.