Hotel Villeroy

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Hotel – Boutique
  • Company/Firm
    Carte Blanche Design
  • Lead Designer
    Lydia Hegbourne
  • Interior Designer
    Lydia Hegbourne
  • Hospitality
    The Collection
  • Location
  • Project Date
    March 2020
  • Developer
    Wainbridge Estates

The Hôtel Villeroy redefines the codes of luxury. Dating from 1908 and listed as a Historic Monument. Recently re-designed as a confidential and exclusive private house by Carte Blanche Design Monaco to bring a unique contemporary signature to this early 20th century architecture. The lobby, designed in a neoclassical style, contrasts with the monumentality of the interior fittings. In the centre of the atrium, a work of art, designed by Carte Blanche, composed of 35 chiseled alabaster spheres sculpted and engraved with golden ornaments. Suspended from rods over a height of three floors, defies the laws of weightlessness and invites a hypnotic contemplation. With only eleven rooms The Villeroy has a refined decoration sublimated by noble materials. The bar is housed in a glitzy lounge adorned with gilded gold leaf moldings and precious woodwork, with its roaring fire, subdued light and comfortable sofas, evokes the chic and seduction of a private club. The Michelin Star restaurant has respected the original decor, mixing woodwork, moldings and gilding, of this classic dining room, while combining it with a more contemporary decor.

Other prizes
Luxury Lifestyle Awards - Best Luxury Interior Design Studio France 2020 The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020 Shortlisted