Farewell to Life

  • Prize
    Emerging Architect of the Year - Eating Space
  • University
    University of Newcastle
  • Lead Designer
    Edwin Khai Vun Ho
  • Location
    Mater Calvary Hospice, Newcastle, Australia

The project aims to mitigate loneliness during the end of life experiences. The experience of dying can feel isolating and lonely, even with stream of visitors. Both patient and family can feel frightened and lonely when the end of life is close. The project brings people together through the shared experience of dining. It provides a series of kitchen and dining spaces on an existing hospice site so that family could come and cook together rather than just sit around the bed and watch their love one just be sick. An additional facilities added to the Mater Calvary Mercy Hospice, Newcastle because what is lacking in this building is a social space that sits beyond the walls of the institution but close enough to use on a daily basis. Patients and family socially engage around preparation and sharing of food. It is about recognizing people of different family sizes and cater to those by doing a range of kitchen sizes and a choice of spaces. Often, in the process of this, when comes to patient dying, there will be certain stages where no one wants to eat. There are also spaces for people to be alone, contemplate and relax to help deal with process of death much more coherently.

Other prizes
2020 Architecture Masterprize Student Architectural Design Award