Casa Mague

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Villa
  • Company/Firm
    Mauricio Ceballos x Architects
  • Lead Designer
    Mauricio Ceballos Pressler
  • Other Designer(s)
    Francisco Vázquez, Marco Antonio Severino, Carolina Urrea
  • Architect
    Mauricio Ceballos x Architects
  • Interior Designer
    Paola Cueli
  • Construction Company
    Taller A
  • Photo Credit
    Diego Padilla, Brenda Gabriela Islas Camarena
  • Location
    Malinalco, Estado de México
  • Project Date

Casa Mague’s concept is based following the mesoamerican worldview, where trees have a symbolic meaning starting from the roots to the trunks, to the canopy. The project is divided into three levels: a mirror base that reflects the ground, giving the architecture a floating appearance. The living space, located at the same level. And the natural outer cover formed by the foliage of the trees; all of the preexisting vegetation was respected in the design and construction

Built upon a single story, the house is made up of a series of flexible volumes that are divided by open spaces including the main circulation, several terraces, and a large social area. In this way, indoors become outdoors, achieving a lasting close contact with nature for residents.

The design is dominated by local materials such as wood, stone and chukum (ancient mayan stucco). Sustainability was prioritized on the project, reaching a minimal footprint by the employment of rainwater harvesting, a water treatment system, energy consumption reduction through solar panels and waste management for compost creation and glass, aluminum and cardboard recycling, using only local materials with low levels of VOC.