Peon by Joost Bakker

  • Prize
    Emerging Interior Designer of the Year - Eating Space
  • University
    Sydney Design School
  • Lead Designer
    Ellie Sutton

The aim of this project was to create a destination venue built on the clients zero waste food philosophy that excites, inspires and educates. The client, Joost Bakker, is a Melbourne-based floral artist, restaurateur, and zero waste advocate.

Ronnie Boekel is a true-blue Peony breeder from regional Victoria and a close family friend of the Bakker’s. I was struck by Ronnie’s charming down to earth nature while scrolling Joost’s Instagram page, where he frequently uploads spontaneous videos of Ronnie. The juxtaposition between Ronnie, a weathered Aussie farmer, and the soft delicate blooms that he breeds, was the concept behind my design. I brought this to life in both the exterior and interior design of a greenhouse, restaurant, and bar named Peon.

The sleek greenhouse, which hosts propagation workshops, is a striking contrast to the weathered brick façade. Inside, the palette is a balance of rough and weathered surfaces, with feminine and soft finishes and furnishings. The overall look and feel is beautiful and elegant, but unpretentious and approachable. All materials are either recycled or ethically sourced and the restaurant is proudly zero waste.