Studenec Summer Theatre Renovation

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design Renovation
  • University
    Faculty of Design
  • Lead Designer
    Aliia Iusupova
  • Other Designer(s)
    Menthor and Lecturer: Benjamin Hafner, u.d.i.a., PA ZAPS 2107
  • Location
    Europe, Slovenia, Municipality of Domžale
  • Project Date
    In Progress

The project’s goal was to develop a conceptual idea of renovating an open-air theatre. The theatre is located in Studenec (Domžale, Slovenia). The main advantage of the Studenec open-air theatre is it’s location. The theatre is perfectly integrated into the landscape, surrounded by fields and woods at the back. The main design goal was to combine the theatre objects into a common concept and create a new modern design.The solution proposed is to create additional objects for artists and store props, as well as to unite all these objects with a smooth curved line. This curved line symbolizes music, or more precisely, the smooth “flow” of the sound. The curved line represents the main idea that ties the project together into a coherent concept. It is envisioned as a fence made of wooden rails, which are connected with metal profiles with LED lights shining from below. The illumination multiplies the effect of lightness and "floating" of the fence, and makes it possible to trace the movement of the line from the stage to the bar.
The colour of the lighting can be changed as well, depending on the scenography of the performance.