Areesh Retreat

  • Prize
    Emerging Architect of the Year - Living Space
  • University
    American University in Dubai
  • Lead Designer
    Mansoor Al Harbi

The form of the modules is inspired by the nests of a local bird species commonly found in Al Qudra desert in Dubai. Moreover, the materiality of the volumes takes inspiration from both nature and the Emirati traditional method of contruction using dried date palm branches and leaves. This specific method of construction is usually reserved for the assembly of the simple areesh houses constructed by the Emirati bedouins. The porous facade shades the internal spaces while filtering air through to passively cool and ventilate the structure. Additionally, a thin mesh envelope harvests water directly from the humid air and directs it to a water tank below the ground where it is thermally insulated and cooled. Greywater is stored alongside human waste to be composted and reused for agricultural purposes.