MonAsty Autograph Collection

  • Prize
    Interior Design of the Year - Living Space
  • Company/Firm
    Not a Number Architects
  • Lead Designer
    Dominiki Dadatsi
  • Other Designer(s)
    Ermis Adamantidis, Danae Papoutsi
  • Architect
    Dominiki Dadatsi, Ermis Adamantidis, Danae Papoutsi
  • Hospitality
    Marriot Autograph Collection
  • Construction Company
    Michaniki Perivallontos SA
  • Photo Credit
    Yiorgos Kordakis, Christos Drazos
  • Location
    Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Project Date
  • Developer
    Michaniki Perivallontos SA

MonAsty draws inspiration from the byzantine heritage of Thessaloniki. The title of the second most important metropolis of the Byzantine empire is long lost but remains faintly evident in the numerous Christian orthodox temples of that era still standing in the historic centre of the city. The spirituality of those spaces is the magic that we tried to instill in the design of the new Autograph Collection hotel and at the same time merge an alternative sense of locality with the international luxury brand of Marriott.
The fact that the hotel site neighbours the only operating monastery inside the city centre further informed our design. A mystic atmosphere throughout the common spaces of the 100-room hotel is achieved through an austere materiality and subtle use of natural and artificial lighting. The monastic experience is coupled with the high-end operation of a 5* hotel, making it a luxury refuge from the bustling city.
Murky neutral shades used in Byzantine iconography inform the interior colour palette. Design elements that intensify the monastic references such as alcove shaped banquettes and domed ceilings are carefully combined with materials that celebrate craftsmanship.

Not a Number Architects is an architectural studio preoccupied with the creation of meaningful space. Founded in London in 2008 by Ermis Adamantidis and Dominiki Dadatsi, NaNA has since been involved in a diverse range of projects spanning from space installations to urban planning. Engaging in a constructive dialogue with the client, we unleash a unique vision for every project. We invest time in testing ideas that make architecture perform in multiple levels. Design research and critical analysis instead of predefined formulas is what we believe can make architecture resonate in contemporary

Other prizes
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