Penthouse Rogaland

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Apartment
  • Company/Firm
    Gudbjørg Simonsen As
  • Lead Designer
    Gudbjørg Simonsen
  • Photo Credit
    Arne Bru Haug
  • Location
    Rogaland, Norway
  • Project Date
  • Construction Company
  • Interior Designer
    Gudbjørg Simonsen
  • Hospitality
  • Developer

This story begins in Rogaland, on the west coast of Norway known for its harsh weather conditions and beautiful light.
My client had bought his grandparents apartment. Living elsewhere he wanted to stay in his childhood favorite spot when visiting family.
I never met my client, but the essence of my design philosophy is to understand and design my clients’ desire. So how could I transform the apartment to a contemporary version whilst preserving loving memories from his childhood?

I found inspiration in the nature in Jæren. My clients roots. From the raw, the genuine.
And the transformation process began.

I tried to keep it raw. Avoiding decorative overload. And instead letting the lighting have both a function and a decorative meaning. I used lighting in new ways and allowing the pendants to behave as art-installation.
I have used local materials, and a great deal of wood. I find the effect the climate has on wood in the areas adds something unique to the project. I have searched for materials that changes through time without needing to be replaced, but instead give a sense of permanence. Allowing it to change with new life. New use. As life across generations.