Mad for Garlic

  • Prize
    Emerging Interior Designer of the Year - Eating Space
  • University
    Pratt Institute
  • Lead Designer
    Hyojung Cha
  • Architect
    Hyojung Cha
  • Interior Designer
    Hyojung Cha
  • Photo Credit
    Hyojung Cha
  • Location
    Seoul, South Korea

Restaurant “ Mad for Garlic ” is an Italy fusion restaurant in South Korea. Focusing on the word“Mad”, this space represents the emotion of mad by using the shape of garlic. As giving material contrast between black and gold, this restaurant has an extreme atmosphere similar to a feeling of mad.

When garlic is used as an ingredient, various shape is used by a cook. The geometric shape of garlic is interpreted by diverse layers that are in patterns, walls, and sculpture as a partition. This will encourage visitors to feel the taste garlic not only in dishes they ordered but also in space.