Casa Amal

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Villa
  • Company/Firm
    The Stella Collective
  • Lead Designer
    Hana Hakim
  • Other Designer(s)
    Natalie Garcia, Kiriah Shead
  • Architect
    Building design by The Stella Collective
  • Interior Designer
    The Stella Collective
  • Construction Company
    Pledge Ae
  • Photo Credit
    Lillie Thompson
  • Location
    Dubai, UAE
  • Project Date
    October 2023

Steeped in traditional orientalism, rich cultural heritage, and modernity, Casa Amal draws inspiration from the 1970s Arabian modernist era in the Emirates region.
Beyond this, Casa Amal transcends a mere dwelling; it's a haven woven from love, purity, and the golden embrace of light.
The home is a signature blend of minimalism and soothing finishes, with sunlit patterns and monumental proportions seamlessly detailed throughout.
A golden almond palette evokes an exotic mood, while a mammoth organic perforated travertine wall transcends three levels of the staircase.
Drawing inspiration from traditional Arabic architecture, light play reminiscent of Mashrabiya screens connects the indoors with the outdoors, casting textures of light and inviting nature to be an active participant in the design. Supersized arches break free from tradition, yet maintain a sense of modern oriental chic elegance. Travertine flows uninterrupted, gently guiding the eye from room to room, while bold olive green mosaic shape bathroom vessels, and polished English brass accents give a nod of opulence against the earthiness, signalling a loose lux mood.
Beautiful living that your soul feels comfortable in.