Murka Hotel

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design Mountain Destination
  • Company/Firm
    Thinking Design & Lanting Design
  • Lead Designer
    Xiaoyong Wu

The project is situated in a mountain village in Zeya, Wenzhou, China. The houses in the village are made of stone, which has stood the test of time and weathered hundreds of years of wind and rain. The project site features a long and narrow slope, with a bamboo forest in front, a natural stream between the sloping land and the bamboo forest, and a rice field on the edge of the stream. The design brief is to create a high-quality house that would last for generations. The design team applied local stone materials on the exterior walls and retaining walls of the main building to maintain an authentic local building and to preserve the rustic architectural style.

As the project site had a slope with a difference in elevation of 9 meters, the design team decided to construct the building accordingly as a terrace-type house layer by layer. The lower two levels house the infinity pool and cafe, where the interior walls retain the fair-faced concrete of the existing structure and are paired with medieval furniture, giving the entire space a rustic and relaxing ambiance. The top level of the building accommodates the hotel rooms that are covered by micro-cement.