Inter(Vo)ven- A Fashion Hotel

  • Prize
    Emerging Interior Designer of the Year - Living Space
  • University
    New York School of Interior Design
  • Lead Designer
    Mihika Chatterjee
  • Interior Designer
    Mihika Chatterjee
  • Location
    510 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036
  • Project Date
  • Project Link

Inter(Vo)ven is a fashion hotel with a vision to connect the fashion industry globally by building a community of local and international designers. It provides a dedicated space for designers to stay, work, relax, network, and seek inspiration, aiming to ease travel for work.

It goes beyond being a comfortable and convenient place to stay and work with your team; also providing resources to work alongside other like-minded individuals. The hotel sets the stage for a global presence, with expansion plans into other fashion capitals like London, Paris, and Milan. The aim is to create a network facilitating cross-cultural partnerships, thereby enhancing the possibility of international collaborations between different brands. Guests also have the option to secure memberships valid across properties in all four fashion capitals.

It transcends being a hotel; it transforms into a lifestyle destination that reshapes how the fashion industry connects globally. The hotel serves as a space for the exchange of ideas, passions, and spirits within the fashion world. Inter(Vo)ven stands as a testament to the synergies between the world of hospitality and the ever-evolving realm of fashion.