Barend Slabbert

University of Derby / Senior Lecturer - Interior Design

Barend Slabbert is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for the BA (Hons) Interior Design programme at the University of Derby. He studied in Cape Town, South Africa where he completed both his BTech and Masters in Interior Design, specializing in the ‘Readaptation of Historical Interiors to contemporary exhibition venues’.

His interest in stage-set and exhibition design has led him to work on the 2015 World Expo along with other designers from across the world in Milan in 2012. He has furthermore worked on and designed numerous set-stages for conferences and award ceremonies, including the prestigious Tusk Conservation Awards held in Cape Town in 2017, before moving to the UK to lead the Interior Design Programme at the University of Derby.

With a passion for educating and training young aspiring designers, his academic career stretches over a number of institutions exceeding a decade. He has also presented his research regarding the retention of existing historical spatial narratives during adaptation at a number of international conferences.

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