Ivo Christow

Krucker Partner AG / Head of Design, Member of the Management Board

Ivo Christow studied Interior Design in Munich, where he subsequently worked in various offices. He quickly realized that classic interior design was not enough for him, and as a result, decided to move to Zurich in 2003. In Zurich, he devoted himself to the “scenography” course. Here he discovered his passion for “storytelling” in design, which accompanies him to this day. From then on, Zurich was to remain his center of life. He continued to work there, mainly as a scenographer and concept designer, in various agencies and partly independently.

Immediately after his second degree, he designed his first restaurant in Zurich. For that project, he traveled to Colombo to gather inspiration for the concept. To this day, he has stuck to this approach, and whenever possible he travels to different destinations several times a year for a study trip to gather new ideas.

Since 2018, Ivo Christow is the Head of Design at Krucker Partner AG and a member of the Management Board; an Interior Architecture Firm that specializes in Hotel and Gastronomy design. Ivo Christow leads his team with a strong focus on storytelling and staging. Creating unique and extraordinary concepts is his passion!

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