David Kepron

NXTLVL Experience Design / Founder - Owner

David Kepron is the founder of NXTLVL Experience Design, Retail (r)Evolution, LLC and he is a former VP of Global Design Strategies at Marriott International. 

In his role as a strategy and experience design consultant, Kepron brings years of retail and hospitality expertise to the making of meaningful customer connections at brand experience places around the globe. 

He is an international speaker at corporate events and international conferences focusing on CX, digital transformation, retail, hospitality, and emerging technology.  

David is a member of VMSD magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board, a Board Member of the Interactive  Customer Experience Association (ICXA), and Sign Research Foundation’s (SRF) Program Committee. 

In late 2014 Kepron published his first book titled: “Retail (r)Evolution: Why Creating Right-Brain Stores  Will Shape the Future of Shopping in a Digitally Driven World” and is currently working on book #2.  David also writes a popular blog called “Brain Food” which is published monthly on  

David’s latest exciting creative endeavor is a new podcast – “NXTLV Experience Design” that focuses on “DATA: Design, Architecture, Technology and the Arts’ which is now available wherever your listen to your favorite podcasts. 

(And… somehow, he also finds time to paint and is an accomplished artist now working on a series of  musician portraits which you can see if you follow him on Instagram.)


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