Tina Norden

Conran and Partners / Partner

Tina is an Interior Designer and Architect with a diverse portfolio stretching across many contexts and continents, from hotel and restaurant design to high-end residential and boutique retail projects. She is passionate about travel and loves designing spaces that enhance he enjoyment of life.

Tina leads design teams in both the UK and Hong Kong and was instrumental in building the team in Asia.
She is very hands-on as she directs projects across the globe and thrives on the cultural exchange and collaboration this entails.

With every project, Tina develops the client brief by delving into the specific context and history to create a bespoke narrative and design language that tells a unique story.

She believes in style over fashion in design to ensure the result is timeless and remains fresh. With her main focus on hospitality, many of the lessons learnt from her extensive experience are applied to her other projects to create an equally experiential solution.

Tina joined the practice in 1997 and joined the board of Conran and Partners in 2016.

As an Architect and Designer, Tina is passionate about creating authentic experiences centered around cultural spirit and personality.

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