Bittor Sanchez Monasterio

Accor / Global Vice President Design Economy & Midscale Brands

Born, raised, and educated in Barcelona, ​​Bittor SANCHEZ-MONASTERIO graduated as Architect, Civil Engineer, Urbanist and Landscape Designer at E.T.S.A.B. in 2001. He works and lives in cities handpicked by his cosmopolitan vision for the past 15 years. During this period Bittor projects a professional development resulting from the mixture of many and diverse personal, professional, and academic experiences.

Works in BARCELONA REGIONAL, infrastructure public office in Barcelona. At ARCHI-TECTONICS, a boutique and avant-garde office in New York. In MADA S.P.A.M., China’s first international architecture office in Shanghai. At the largest construction company/corporate architecture firm in Brazil and at ACCOR HOTELS as Latam Head of Design in São Paulo. During all this time ///BYN STUDIO, a Design & Strategy platform, that spontaneously and freely appears in different formats, sizes and places. A new professional model that engages collaboration and flexibility as a new modus vivendi.

Alongside the professional practice, Bittor SANCHEZ-MONASTERIO teaches in all the cities where he has lived. Residential Architecture in the 3rd year of E.T.S.A.B. in Barcelona. Performing Design at PENNDesign’s postgraduate course in Philadelphia. Final Jury and workshops at G.S.A.A.P. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY in New York. Introduction to Architecture in the 1st year of Tongji University in Shanghai and Tsinghua University in Beijing. 3D Parametric Generative Software at HONG KONG UNIVERSITY in Shanghai. Intensive summer/winter courses at AA SHANGHAI SUMMER SCHOOL and AA BEIJING WINTER SCHOOL. Interior Design at E.B.A.C. in São Paulo. Hospitality Design at INSTITUTO NAVIGARE in São Luís de Maranhão and Parametric Architecture at ESCOLA DA CIDADE in São Paulo.

Since April 2020, Bittor SANCHEZ-MONASTERIO joins ACCOR HOTELS as GLOBAL VICE PRESIDENT DESIGN ECONOMY & MIDSCALE BRANDS. Together with the Global and Regional Design Community, Bittor’s role is building Design Strategies that allow ACCOR’s Eco&Midscale Hotels to become Lifestyle Hubs. Bittor truly believes that Hospitality, going beyond its traditional borders without forgetting operational and qualitative obligations, has the potential to reinvent itself and become an even more relevant industry.

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