Sarah Smallwood

Great Wolf Resorts / Design Director

With over 15 years of experience within the hospitality design industry, Sarah Smallwood’s design influence can be seen in over 1,000 hotels around the world. Sarah blends her passions of strategy, branding, and design to create immersive spaces for millions of guests to enjoy.
Sarah began her career establishing her portfolio with design firms including the Rockwell Group, creating strategies and spaces ranging from boutique hotels to the iconic Cosmopolitan Casino
She was instrumental in creating an award-winning design vision that redefined and modernized Marriott’s global flagship brand. Sarah influenced the evolution of a global design strategy for the luxury JW brand. Marriott honored her with its prestigious Design & Vision Award for her creative contributions.
Now as the Design Director for Great Wolf Resorts, she is spearheading the design process, shaping the future of the brand through her creative direction and oversight of design for all new build and renovation projects.
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